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In Memory of Mark Ernest



This page is dedicated to the memory of Mark Ernest. Mark was the drummer in Mother Popcorn for over 10 years before he died suddenly and unexpectedly in August 2014. He was not only a talented musician, but one of life’s gentlemen.  He was a sweet, kind, caring and thoughtful guy who never had a crossed word with anyone and was universally liked and admired by everyone who knew him.


The song below was recorded  as a tribute to Mark. It is called Ever After. Dave Clarke played bass, Steve Marks and I sang and I played lead guitar. It was produced by a good friend of ours called Surinder Sandhu and was written by Surinder and myself.  Mark and Surinder became good friends when Mark played drums on one of his albums. We wrote the song shortly after his death. It has an unconventional rhythm and doesn’t follow a standard structure – this is something we think Mark would’ve approved of:o)


Speaking on behalf of the various musicians that have played with the band over the years, it was privilege to know you and share a stage with you. We all miss you bro. R.I.P.



Ever After

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